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Gynecologist Specialist

Cordia             Clark-White, MD -  - OB/GYN

Women's Progressive Health Care

Cordia Clark-White, MD

OB/GYN located in Near Southside, Chicago, IL

Regular gynecological visits support a woman’s optimal health and wellness. OB/GYN Cordia Clark-White, MD, of Women’s Progressive Health Care near Southside Chicago offers comprehensive gynecology care to women of all ages. Take advantage of services including menopause consultation, pregnancy care, annual exams, and fibroid treatments. Call the office to receive expert care for your reproductive organs.

Gynecologist Q & A

What issues does gynecology address?

Gynecology addresses concerns of a woman’s reproductive organs. At Women’s Progressive Health Care, Dr. Clark-White helps manage the health of your uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and bladder. Issues she can help manage include:

  • Hormone disorders
  • Fibroids and cysts
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STDs)
  • Menstruation and fertility concerns
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Urinary issues

Gynecology provides preventive care and management if you should develop an issue with your pelvis or reproductive organs. Dr. Clark-White offers superior, compassionate care and expertise.

What makes up preventive gynecology care?

An annual wellness visit, regardless of a woman’s age, is an important part of maintaining gynecological health. At this visit, Dr. Clark-White performs a thorough pelvic exam and also periodically performs a Pap smear to check for cellular irregularities that may lead to cervical cancer. She also makes sure you’re up-to-date with necessary screenings, such as blood tests, urine tests, and mammograms.

For women who are sexually active, Dr. Clark-White may also suggest screening for sexually transmitted infections. You can also address concerns about your periods, family plans, and sexual habits at an annual exam.

Preventive care begins in your teen years and continues through menopause (and beyond). Dr. Clark-White can address your changing gynecological needs as you age. She can also offer a hysterectomy should you need it to prevent gynecological complications. 

What support does a gynecologist provide during pregnancy?

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, Dr. Clark-White offers pre-pregnancy planning to help you prepare for this big life adjustment. Once you are pregnant, she offers expert medical support with prenatal exams, necessary screenings, and lifestyle recommendations. 

If you should have a high-risk pregnancy, Dr. Clark-White can help you manage the challenges and have as smooth of a pregnancy and birth process as possible.

What types of menopause support is available?

At Progressive Women’s Health Care, Dr. Clark-White helps you progress through the natural process of menopause. She addresses uncomfortable symptoms such as vaginal dryness, weight gain, hot flashes, and painful intercourse with bioidentical hormone therapy and lifestyle changes.

Once you’ve moved through menopause, regular gynecological care is necessary for you to stay on top of changes in your reproductive organs and overall health. Dr. Clark-White can help with increased health risks that occur after menopause, including heart disease and osteoporosis.

To learn more about the quality gynecology care offered at Progressive Women’s Health Care, call the office or schedule an appointment using the online tool.